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 Indie Bundle Sites

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PostSubject: Indie Bundle Sites   Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:47 pm

On to the indie bundles! Bundles with dem hawt games in them

Humble Bundle -
Kicking it off with probably the most popular bundle site, humble bundle works with charity and the developers. Pay what you want to get the games, pay more than the average to get the extra things!

Humble Weekly Sale -
Did you know Humble have a weekly sale? Well now you do

Humble Store -
Even more so, did you know they had a STORE???

Indie Royale -
Another indie bundle site! Easy to use. Pay a minimum or pay more for bonus stuffs and knocking the price down for others!

Groupees -
Groupees, now from time to time they run interesting bundles, including doujins! Now here's the interesting part, they list a bunch of games. You pick which ones you want! The more you add, the more the minimum price is!

Flying Bundle -
It's a bundle. And it's..... flying?

Bundlestars -
Bundlestars! Run multiple bundles for a while, but beware! They do disappear! Sometimes old bundles make a return though, so keep an eye on it!

The Free Bundle -
What's that? A Free Bundle? Nuff said.

Indie Meadow -
Has some greenlight stuffs! o3o


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Indie Bundle Sites
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