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 Killing Floor

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PostSubject: Killing Floor   Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:38 pm

Right, first up, you'll need Killing Floor. Derp. Next up you'll need the maps we'll play on. If you don't have them, you'll end up downloading them from me. Which, by the time you get in, we'll be finished playing or have lagged to fackery enough that we gave up.


Maps (The Arcade maps by Kingshinobi are personal favourites of mine. The ones I tag with Frequent are ones we use. A LOT. So if you're getting any, get them for definite. Story maps are EPIC, nuff said and I'll take requests of maps to play when in-game for that session or the next)
KF - Arcade-Action:
KF - Arcade-Gas Station:
KF - Arcade-Hardcore:
KF - Arcade-Shopping:
Frequent: KF - Happy Hour:
Frequent/2nd Perk Trainer of Choice: KF - Heresy:
KF - Penumbra:
Story: KF - Raccoon International Airport:
Story/Perk Trainer of Choice: KF - Resident Evil 1 Mansion Story -
KF - Sawn of the Dead:
KF - Staircase:
Story: KF - The Hive:
Frequent: KF - The Last Stand:
KF - Wolf:

If you're wanting to join, just click me in steam and choose join game. Or message me and ask for an invite. Password is and always will be rorec.

Message me for more info/help connecting.


GLRPG bits:
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Killing Floor
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