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 Drunken Stories!

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PostSubject: Drunken Stories!   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:37 pm

post your messed-up drunken stories here

I'll go first *deep breath*

Now, keep in mind, ive had friends fill in a lot of the blanks here, and i'll probably be told a lot more over the next few days.
Moral of the story: Infer is a weapon when he's drunk

Went out in Manchester with a few friends last night, i got absolutely wasted. Oh and ive no idea what order any of this stuff happened in

- Punched a guy in a pub for getting lager on me
- Asked a worker in a Mongolian restaurant whether he was a genuine mong
- Sat down with a stag party all dressed as smurfs, asked if smurfette was coming or if it was a sausagefest
- Decided to urinate in a mostly clear phone booth, facing the road (classy ;D)

i'll probably add more to that ._.

Then, i took a random girl home, no idea where i even met her. She threw up all over my bathroom at some point in the night, didnt make any attempt to clean it up, didnt tell me, went back to sleep. I woke up, dying for a shit, found my bathroom massacred, so had to clean up some random girls puke from every corner of my bathroom at super-speed so i didnt shit myself

The end...maybe

anyone top that?
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Osaki Nana


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PostSubject: Re: Drunken Stories!   Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:29 pm

(Meira dared me: post in every topic in general chat, make sure it's not spam )

Well..I don't get drunk.much...if I.ever do it won't be outside in public...

I don't think I have any "big deal" drunken stoies..

Worst thing I ever done is kissing a girl if that counts as a bad thing ...maybe I am have done more stupidly stuff but the fact that I don't drunk in public makes them anonymous and others ...
And of course things like singing, laughing with no reason, acting weird and crazy...that happens..but it's not something I see as "drunken stories"
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PostSubject: Re: Drunken Stories!   Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:11 am

I don't think I can beat that, but I do have some stories involving alcohol. Me not touching it though. This one however was a plus for me because I avoided ever tasting alcohol.

This happened... About three or four years ago. It was at the baby shower for my sensei's wife. It was at this rec. hall I believe and there was also the playground behind it and what not so if the kids didn't want to stay inside and dance to old Spanish music then they didn't have to stay inside at all. Of course the place has the bartender area where they serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I myself would just go over there and get lots of soda. Some time of the night I decided to hang out with my friends (whom were younger than me or older than me, only about one of them there was my age) so I sat outside and probably played on one of the play sets, or sitting at a slide... or bench. I had my cup of soda with me, was getting pretty full by then but then I see a group of my pals sharing one cup which had orange juice. They asked me if I wanted and I said no because well, I don't bother with juice at a party xD plain and simple. So I see these people, who were about 2 years younger than me or maybe just one. And they would just have this orange juice and drink it.

It never occurred to me until we all started talking about that party again. I was like this, "Wait when did you ever have vodka, or alcohol for that matter?" and then I was told it was in the orange juice. XD I gave them such a surprised look and even though we started laughing I was like w-t-h? and "So when I was sitting there the cup of seemingly innocent orange juice I saw you guys have was actually one that either you or one of the guys swiped from the counter when no one was looking?"

My inner reaction to this also is that. WOW Even people younger than I was had a drink.
I mean, of course this group I hang out with sometimes (I call them idiots but now they intermingled with my normal friends from school so it's all like @_@) because some of them were about a year or so younger than I am but it's high school and thos I haven't seen start drinking more until what a year- 2 years ago? This was when I was about 14 and those kids were either still a preteen or just 13!

So that is probably my first of tales of my many friends' shenanigans. The rest of the stories will most likely be about my friends from high school.
Especially seeing how it's about that time again and that we already started planning one of my friend's 21st birthday.

-It's gonna be fun being the only sober one~
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PostSubject: Re: Drunken Stories!   

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Drunken Stories!
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