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 Paul_Wolfman Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge

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PostSubject: Paul_Wolfman Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge   Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:33 pm


1. If a pokemon faints, you must release it as soon as possible. (I will be using PC boxes named 'Graves' to store deceased pokemon)
If all pokemon in your team faints, its game over and you have to start again.

2. You must name all the pokemon you capture

3. You may only attempt to capture the first pokemon you encounter in each area (grass, cave etc). If the pokemon flees or faints, you cannot attempt to
capture any other pokemon you encounter in that area.

4. Make a comic when something eventful happens (i.e. pokemon death, amazing victory etc). This will be appearing on eventually, and there will be a link to pages when they are posted up

My story begins with me, Paul, age 21 and aspiring Pokemon trainer, riding in the back of a moving van on a bumpy road to the new house where my mum is waiting for me. You may be thinking "where did you move from?" - well, if I told you that, i'm afraid I would have to kill you... Laughing ...I'm deadly serious...but honestly, there are things that went on in my old neighborhood that I don't wish to discuss...

Littleroot Town

Soon the van slows to a halt, and I clamber outside into the warm sunshine. I glance around at my surroundings of Littleroot Town, and see my mum standing at the front door, beckoning me inside our new home. She tells me I have my own room upstairs. It is the only room upstairs, I might add - my mum seems to like sleeping and storing her clothes in the comfort of the living room. Tbh, I don't really know why I have a room - its not like I'll be staying around here anyway, I'm going on an epic quest to become a pokemon master!

As I head up to my room, I see the pokemon that are moving stuff in - I believe they are Vigoroth. One looks like its humping the television O_o and the other paces back and forth in the kitchen with a box like its unsure where to place it. I shake my head and make my way upstairs. I see that the important stuff is already set up - tv, gamecube and PC Very Happy. I turn on my PC and I notice I have a potion stored away in there - pretty neat I must say, but also a little weird I can receive medical items that materialise from electronic equipment. I set up my clock on the wall that my dad got me as a moving in present (sarcastic whoopee). Once that is done, my mum calls up the stairs telling me that dad is on TV - oh, did I forget to mention? My dad is a gym leader! Suck it, bitches!!

Unfortunately, as I make it downstairs, my mum tells me the report is finished (this is where a digital recorder would come in handy...). Anyway I decide to go outside and check out the rest of the town. There seems to be one other house from ours, and a very large building further down. I figure I should say I to the new neighbours in the small house, and check out the larger building later...

I knock on the door and a woman answers the door. She tells me she has a daughter called May, who will probably be in her room and tells me to go up and introduce myself. I go upstairs to the only room up there (who the heck designed these houses, seriously?!?) and see there is no one around. There seems to be a pokeball in the centre of the room, which I step towards to investigate. But as I bend down to pick it up...

Suddenly I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and I turn around in panic as I see a figure standing before me in the doorway - a pretty 20 year old girl with a strangely fashioned hairstyle, and a look of surprise on her face. I nervously speak out to her "I-I'm Paul, I moved in next door. Sorry if I intruded - I was told by your mum you might be up here". She smiled at me sweetly, "It's ok, nice to meet you - I'm May. My dad told me you were moving here, and I was...hoping we could be friends" She started to blush a little, and I told her (with me also blushing a little) I would like to be friends with her.

May then blurted out "Oh! I forgot - I was supposed to be helping out dad with research. I have to get going!" She then went to pick up her bag and the pokeball on the floor before waving me off as she dashed down the stairs. Now either that was an excuse for her to leave the awkward situation, or she really did have research to be doing...but I think she likes me Smile woop woop

I decide to head on back to my house as there doesnt seem to be much else going on at the moment, plus I am feeling a little exhausted from the move. Suddenly, as I head up to the front door of my house, a little girl runs up to me in panic, squealing "Mister! Mister! There's someone in trouble in the grass up the route ahead! I can't go out cos I don't have any pokemon. Can you pwease go see whats happening??" With little choice, I rush up the route and follow the cries. I soon see a man in a lab coat being attacked by what seems to be...a goddamn racoon!! WTF?? But as amusing as that may seem, the man looks in real danger - the creature looks rabid, snarling and scratching away with no signs of stopping. The man spots me, and shouts in panicked gasps "Please...reach into my bag...theres a need to save me..."

I quickly grab the bag and feel around inside - and I pull out the pokeball, and press the button on the centre, which enlarges the ball like I have seen my dad do many times before. "That's it!" the man shouts to me. "Now release the pokemon inside!" I also remember how to do this from watching my dad battle. I cock my shoulder back, and with a determined gaze throw the ball towards the creature. However I clumsily fumble as I do so, and I end up aiming the ball for the man's head, which rebounds off him as he cries out in pain, before it falls to the ground next to the two of them. Suddenly the ball opens, and a brilliant burst of white light floods the area. Dazzled, I eventually make out a silhouette of the creature I released from the pokeball as the light begins to fade...

I gaze in amazement as I see that it is the grass type pokemon Treecko - one of the new starter pokemon that have recently been discovered. I then remembered the man was still in trouble, so I immediately instructed without any hesistation, "Treecko - attack!!" Initially, Treecko didn't seem to move at all - it simply looked at me with worried eyes, rubbing one arm in awkwardness as if it didn't know what to do about the situation. Suddenly, the creature attacking the man turned its full attention to Treecko and started to rush towards it with salivating jaws. I cry out to Treecko to watch out, and it turns to see the creature pouncing towards it. In sheer panic, Treecko swung its tail around and with a mighty blow, managed to smack the creature square in the face, knocking it backwards and falling to the ground with a thud.

Treecko turned back around, panting in shock from the creature nearly biting it, as I stood in awe at the power this pokemon had. The creature stirred however, and Treecko then prepared itself as the beast slowly and shakily managed to pick itself up. This time upon me issuing an attack command, Treecko leapt up into the air, as the seemingly helpless creature now only growling, stared above before being beaten to a pulp as Treecko used its Pound attack repeatedly until the creature lay motionless on the ground.

Once the battle was over, and I returned the bloodied and tired out Treecko to its pokeball, the man got up from the ground and approached me, breathing a sigh of relief. "Thank you so much" he exclaimed "Let's get back to my lab, its not safe here in the grass". Back at the lab (which I now know is the big building near my house) I discover that the man I rescued is actually Professor Birch, the Pokemon Researcher in the Hoenn region. He tells me he was very impressed with my battling under such pressure, and as a reward for rescuing him allows me to keep Treecko.

Smiling with glee, I release Treecko from its pokeball, now fully rested from the earlier battle. Birch tells me that this Treecko is a female, as it has a different shade of green to the males, and it also has feminine eyelashes and what seem to be...small buxoms. I am also informed that she has a Lonely nature, which is why she was so reluctant to fight to begin with - but she knows how to defend herself (if a little violently), and she will grow to 'break out of her shell' in good time. At present she seems to be in a slumped position and has a twig in her mouth which she chews on nervously. I decide to nickname her Trinity, as I feel she will become an unstoppable force as time goes on.

Birch then tells me it would be a good idea to meet up with May and learn some tactics from her about pokemon and the Hoenn region. So with Trinity walking casually by my side, we head out of the lab and I thank the professor for my Pokemon. "Looks like this is the beginning of our adventure, Trinity!" I speak as I look down at her. She looks back at me and simply nods as we exit the building into the wonderful sunshine outside.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Paul_Wolfman Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge
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